May 29, 2018


Hey loves! 
Finally an post from me. Make up is a thing that every girl has on daily routine simple or for a night out a little bit more. These are the steps I use for a full make up look for special occasion!

Beauty Step no 1
First of all we have to moisturizer the skin every day not only before we do our make up, is a very important step. Next we have the primer before the foundation to keep it in place, in my opinion use primer only when you have to do a full make up for night out because you need your foundation to long as much as possible.

Beauty Step no 2
Foundation, we need it to cover some signs and to make our face even more homogeneous. The important thing you have to do is to find the perfect shade for you and ALWAYS remember this is to try on your face and not on your hand.

Beauty Step no 3
Concealer is a must for every girl that's for sure. Concealer helps to cover your dark circles under your eyes and to bright them and also helps to cover some signs or pimples. If you have this you have everything.

Beauty Step no 4
Powder. You need this especially if you have oily skin because it helps and makes your skin matte and flawless. Loose or compact.

Beauty Step no 5
Brow in these days is very famous thing and everyone make it because without brow your face is not the same.

Beauty Step no 6
Eyeshadow for a night look is darker shade and smokey most of the times and of course lately sparkle or shimmery. Eyeliner of course is one of must haves.

Beauty Step no 7
Conture. Just a little bit.

Beauty Step no 8          
Next important thing after concealer is mascara and you know the reason. Of course faux eyelash is must have.

Beauty Step no 9
Bronzer & blush

Beauty Step no 10
Of course highlighter. No words needed.

Beauty Step no 11
Lip liner & Lipstick

I hope you like it!

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