February 4, 2018


  •   Take a hot bath with a bath bomb and some of your favorites candles
  •   Make a playlist of songs that make you feel relax and listen to it endlessly. And if you want to, dance !
  •   Clean clutter that make you feel negative feelings. I'm not talking about a big decluttering, but every thing lying on your shelves or on the floor deserve a place to be put, specially when they don't help you to feel good
  •   Go for a walk (when the weather is lovely)
  •   Cook your favorite meal or buy your favorites candy / biscuits
  •   Take a nap or go to bed earlier.
  •   Stop comparing yourself with others. Let them inspire you, but never forget that you also have qualities that make you great.
  •   Go to a place you've never been before. It can be a coffee shop, a park, anything ! And of course you can choose to go alone.
  •   Do your makeup for no reason.
  •   Turn off your phone for one hour.
  •   Get a massage, a professional facial, a haircut or any activity where you take care of yourself without doing anything.
  •   Do something small but productive.
  •   Find a feel-good TV-show.
  •   Empty your mind on a piece of paper.
  •  Get a cup of tea and watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book.
  •   Go to your favorite store and buy a thing that you really want and that make you feel great.
  •   Make a mood board or vision board with your favorite pictures or quotes that will inspire you.
  •   Go to gym

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