January 19, 2018


Hey guys! So, today article is going to be about hair care. I feel like not many people take care of the hair as much as they should. That is why I decided to write about how I take care of  my hair. I hope this will be helpful.
Use a limited amount of heat on your hair
This is quite basic but I'm not telling you to stop using heat at all, just limit it. I understand how when you need to look good for a special occasion a straightener or curling iron would help because trust me when I walk in with my natural hair they all look at me like I just killed their children. So maybe use it twice a month and so on.
Use a hair oil an hour before having a shower
This one has saved me more times then I can count. I use a hair oil an hour before and give myself a scalp massage and throw it in a bun and id either study or tidy up. This helps to soften your ends and rejuvenate your scalp. Some oils that help with hair growth:
Argan oil
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Black Seed oil
Jojoba oil
Leave the conditioner in for at least 5 mins
When you have put the shampoo only on your scalp then rinsed it off, make sure to wring out the excess water and apply conditioner to the lengths of your hair (NOT ON YOUR SCALP) then leave it on for at least 5 mins and comb it through with a wide tooth comb, do it gently starting from the bottom and working your way up.
Rinse hair with cold water before leaving the shower
This one is hard because no one wants to feel freezing water down their back, but it helps to close your hair cuticles and lock in the moisture causing the level of frizziness to decrease. I’ve been trying to just use cold water on my hair and so far, it has really helped me hair feel softer because with curly hair the ends would always end up being dry.

Do not use a towel to dry your hair
The friction caused by the towel when you rub your hair causes it to look frizzy and encourages split ends, so I suggest you use an old cotton t-shirt or those thin towels and to pat your hair dry, DO NOT RUB!
Air dry hair
Like I’ve said, I’ve been doing this since I was girl but it was only effective when I cut out the heat styling tools, this one makes sure you don’t use to much heat on your hair. But if you need to dry your hair quickly or don’t like to air dry then I suggest using the cold air setting on your hair dryer. If you live in a hot country, then just put some heat protecting spray in your hair and spend the day out and about.
Put your hair in a protective style before sleeping

This one I’ve been doing for a year and a half now, I wasn’t really keen on doing this because I felt like I couldn’t sleep properly but to prevent my hair from getting split ends I would put it in a loose high bun before sleeping so the friction when I'm sleeping from the cotton pillow causes the frizz and split ends to worsen. I recommend using a silk pillow case if leaving hair down when sleeping.

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