July 20, 2016


Hello bellas,
I was loooong time ago contacted by Irresistible Me to try out one of their products. I picked their flat iron because I don't use hair extensions. Few weeks later when I first saw the box, I was impressed with the really sleek packaging. Nothing grabs my attention like a great design on packaging.

When I first pulled the Diamond Hair Straightener out of the box, my initial thought was it was ultra light, which in my mind equivalated to easy to break and not worth of the money that somebody would pay for it.
The Diamond Hair Straightener operates at a cool temperature of 250° all the way up to 450°. There is a digital read with red numbers at the bottom front of the iron along with green lights that correlate to the set temperature.
If the iron is set at a lower temperature only one or two of the green lights will be illuminated and vice versa.
If the iron is set to the highest temperature all of the green lights will be illuminated.
The Diamond Hair Straightener heats up within ten to fifteen seconds and automatically turns off in 30 minutes which is really cool for those who forget to unplug something when they leave house.

What I can say about it is that I used it only few and I really loved it. My hair never looked sleeker and smoother. I have really thick hair that gets too wavy sometimes and it is impossible to disentangle it.
The results were excellent every time and I can say that the 2 to 4 days before the next wash my hair was like it was ironed at that point.
All in all I would recommend you to buy one and my rating for product is B+!!

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