January 2, 2019


At the beginning of every year is a time when we set ourselves new goals, new ways to be get to be the person you want to be. But as we all know its really hard to stick to them and most of the time we just give up, to avoid this situation I decided to make a list of ways to help me and of course you to stick to your new years resolutions.

➴ REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED- most of the time people give up after a short time on their goal because they came a cross with difficulty rather if its small or big and in that moment, they give up immediately instead of trying to work it out because they can't see a reason to do so. So try to remind yourself why you want to achieve your goal, what it will give you once you achieved it.

➴ TALK ABOUT IT- when you keep staff to yourself its easy to give up quickly since you only disappointing yourself but once you talked about with others you made one more step to commit your goal and now it not only disappointing yourself but its also showing you as something in others eye and now the consequences are bigger and you less likely to give up that quickly.

➴ HAVE A SYSTEM- it will be more helpful for you if you know how to achieve your goals rather to just have them and wait for an opportunity to come up. Think about how you can achieve them, make a working system, means, think about a real plan that can help you and not just a really difficult one you can even apply. And then just work with it until to achieved it.

➴ BREAK IT INTO SMALLER PARTS- if your goal is big and you can't achieve it overnight or in short term then break into smaller parts. Let's say your goal is to get 10k followers on Instagram in 2019 then break it down, make a smaller goal first, to get 1k followers in a month and then 2k followers in 50 days, and break it down until you achieve your biggest goal, in this case, 10k followers.

➴ BE CONNECTED TO THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE- thinking about the person you want to be can have big influence on your actions, you know the person you want to be, his character, what she/he likes, what she/he will say and do, so once you connected to this person it can help you in situations that can change you into that person. For example, if you're not a brave person and you want to be one, once you connected to this quality and face a situation where you have a choice, to act/ not to act bravely you will have more motivation to act bravely as the person you want to be will act in the same situation.

I hope you liked it and I wish you happy new year!!!


  1. Nice post
    thanks for sharing

  2. Nice post
    thanks for sharing

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