November 29, 2015


Hello :)
I guess it’s that time of the year when we start to wonder what to get for Christmas... 
Well I thought it would be helpful to create a wishlist for Christmas gifts for her. Let’s see what I picked. If you have some interesting ideas let me know in the comment section!

  • Designer sunglasses, for me this is the best gift ever.
  • Pom pom keychain, this is sooo cute.
  • Fragrance, who doesn’t like to smell good, right?
  • Watches, I am huge lover of them it is not just a watch it is accessory as well!
  • Make-up tools, oh my, I love those makeup brushes?
  • Cute hat, it’s cold outside and we need something to keep ourselves warm!
  • Statement necklace, this is easy way to make a woman happy!
  • Headphones, who doesn’t like to listen to music and be fashionable.
  • Sweatshirt, nice and comfy!
  • Boots very good idea.
  • Wallet, such a good quality gift and doesn’t cost that much.
  • Nice underwear, as a girl I would love to get some nice lacey bralette.

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